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this could be bad news from apple users. bobby brown on whitney houston, we will tell you what he said during his first television interview since her death. and >>pam: labor unions and occupy activists are joining forces against the golden gate bridge district. kron 14 coverage shows you how they plan to disrupt the morning commute and shows why workers for willing to walk off the job. a high-school football star was stabbed to death in fremont. his death is leaving a scar on classmates and faculty at newark memorial. >> everyone expected him. >>pam: we go live to the school where a vigil is just getting underway. >>pam: at 6:00 p.m., a community coming together this hour, mourning the death of a football star at newark memorial high school. the 18 year-old was al to death over hand. for her coffee in memorial and a candlelight vigil will be taking place tonight. >>reggie: fremont investigators are still trying to figure out a motive. take a look at the work glory appears this is where this all take place at 8:00 p.m.. you can see people starting to gather for the memorial. take a look at th
is operating on billions of but deficit. >> i give it the governor jerry brown of some credit. with possible solutions but let us look at get rid of proposition 13. hundreds of millions of dollars health care of the poor will take a cut. welfare, children, school children, and he will go after a taxing the rich. however the november election could tell all talking about increasing the state income tax from 9% to 13%. i just do not see that happening >> catherine: he says that he says he cannot redesign reality. >> i giving him credit. he is saying things that people of not said before. >> catherine: the avengers breaking records. >> who is your favorite? >> catherine: i like robert downey jr.. >> i like fo fat--thor.. this is the first movie to have a $200 million weekend back to back. huge for disney. just over billions of dollars in the first 19 days. this is a film that we could see more and more. they took a chance with john carter >> there could be zillions of imitations on that and a loser. if anybody wants a rangers/doubles ticket they're going to appear before call for big money? >>
brown is proposing the work week only before days per week. that would mean a state and government offices would be closed on friday. and open 9.5 hours end-thursday. maureen kelly. public safety workers are also facing the cuts of a workweek of monday-thursday. >>maureen: not just salary cutbacks this spokesperson for the highway patrol is working with their employer groups to find ways to find the savings merrit mayo jerry brown is looking for -- however this is a difficult 24/7 operation and their solution could look at different. than just a four day work week. because the c h p still need officers on the road in dispatcher's taking 911 calls. unified leaders are in talks about this situation. one firefighter said that this proposal for will not work because they worked 72 hours per week right now. three ships of 24 hours. they would have to hire more workers. that would end up costing the state, more. the firefighters also cut back their staffing. with three firefighters for every engine. they used to have for firefighters. >>pam: a great day for gray whale watching sightings.
that went toward that. according to the report, $3 million was greeted by jerry brown and former gov. arnolds were its maker. the report also goes on to show that millions more were spent on budget items that had nothing to do with terrorism those who lost loved ones during the attack were stunned outside the news that money was diverted calling the rate on funds and disrespectful. >>catherine: here is a quick look at traffic. exit announcer: the kron4 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now. >> it is called operation gideon. it put 60 people behind bars and to dozens of weapons of the streets. in a vallejo, police are on the defensive after an unarmed man is gunned down in a traffic spot. tonight this young mother is looking for justice. as san francisco city on ethics panel takes up the case of sheriff's -- sheriff ross mirkirimi. >>catherine: to agencies team up to go after a violent criminals. in >> we ask for their assistance in our ongoing efforts to reduce firearms violence. they responded. >> we will prosecute you if you will be removed from the community. >>haaziq: howard jordan an
didn't know that she was struggling with it. >> bobby brown on whitney's drug death. our
jerry brown in the nancy pilosi. san francisco mayor ed lee was among the many there at the bridge this morning. it took part in a ribbon cutting ceremony marking the 75th anniversary celebration. the governor use the golden gate as an example of how enforce it is to invest in infrastructure. >> we have problems in the needs of fiscal discipline. that is true. if we still have to invest. whether it is city hall in san francisco or our airports or high-speed rail, we have to build, we have to invested we did get together as of people. that is with this bridge represents. >> the governor also declared today golden gate bridge date. once again the golden gate bridge will be closed on sunday night from 9:00 p.m.- 10:00 p.m.. you can watch the fireworks live on live at www.kron4.com. a major san francisco street is shutting down. first street was shut down between mission at howard. the street closes at 8:00 p.m. and will not reopen until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. this is all a part of the nutrients a terminal project. it is a popular route to get from downtown to the bay bridge. >>pam: and
focus the attention on this brown truck. over owned macneil/coloma. in the back of the pick-up truck. there are sections on that intersection of petaluma, kron 4 was three people were killed and three injured. this happened in december 2010. some of these targeted suspects are believed to be involved and that these try to stop this crime. reggie kumar has the latest. >> reggie this happened right before 10:00 a.m. this is where this robber entered this building. take a look at this video. it was a hysteric the mill. she was reporting this robbery. this black suspect entered the jewelry store, and and to the doorway of the office. police said the jewelry store owner. for his like reached for a handgun and shot the suspect and killed him. the owner and the whites are being questioned by police of bully alberich this suspect is suspected to be from hercules 36 years old. his name has not been released until they notify the family it is still an active crime scene. the jewelry store owner are still being questioned. the suspect is believed to be you from vallejo, 36 years old. >>pam: omi
her a week or so before she died. >> bobby brown today on whitney houston's final days. >> tell me how she appeared at that time. what was her demeanor? >> is he backing up thne
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8